Zombie Apocalypse Party 2013

My first big Halloween night Party… and a very hard Theme: " Zombie Apocalpyse" .

I hoped I could finish some more props as I do and with more pneumatic movement… but I made 3 static and 1 fan prop: D

So here are the pics:

The first 5 pictures are created in the Halloween night in the yard… two of my props, a lot of bones with flesh, skulls and rats.

I also boarded up the windows and I made a banner with " Zombie free home since 3 days"… but nobody took a picture of it: -(

Some of the masks I bought in US (I’m coming from Germany: D) and here my boyfriend with some from the masks; )

We made lower part of the body with old trousers and jeans and also the upper parts with old t-shirts.

The girl with the purple sweater is the fan prop… We made a cage to cover the mechanic, but the mask was in order to heavy, so it didn’t run: (

In the main bathroom We sputtering fake blood with sugars beet syrup, torsos and a leg and a axe: ) this was actual fun for the party people, from this article you can see.

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