Could you invite this person again?

Last year our invitation list included people from my work place. One woman who was relatively a new comer to the office was invited as well. We have drinks, but no one has actually gotten drunk… until last year. This particular person apparently brought her own “refreshment” along with enjoying ours. Later at night she was kind of making a picture, and at one point was sleeping in our den. When it came time, we eventually drove her house – my wife driving her, We following in her car. The lady protested the whole way (almost a good hour’s drive) saying that she could drive herself, my wife yelling right back. It was not pretty.

Now, to complicate things, Exotic was bearing down on us hitting the next day, so when we got back (around 2 a. m. ) All of us then proceeded to haul in every of our outdoor decorations – task management that lasted until about five: 30 a. m.

When I got to work Monday, absolutely nothing was said.

Therefore… this year… we’re inviting people through work again… do I invite her on condition, invite her without conditions, or just not invite her? When everyone else is invited We hate to exclude, but final year’s “performance” pissed us away from.

Invited, I actually doubt she would attend anyway…


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