Witches Ball Plans are underway designed for 2016

Right after waiting forever to find out when and where my husband had to report to serve his sentence… with much sadness… Tuesday was your when and Seattle was the where. I have now 319 days in which to fill my days with something that makes me happy and so Day 2, I have begun to work on my Witches Ball 2016. I had previously decided not to go ahead with the party but this is something that We so look forwarded to performing and having all the Luncheon Witches come.

Before Husband left, we were fortunate enough to spot several workmen getting rid of these huge pieces of cardboard from some display product packaging… so off to borrow my sons truck and we loaded upward. Some of the cardboard was covered in a layer of styrofoam… SCORE! Therefore these pieces of cardboard will become my gothic windows, large picture frames and a mantel for a fire place. I have already been searching this site for ideas means make the items I need and among several different projects people have done… have to say these are some way talented people… I will try to put together my version of those pieces.

I have drawn out my first of three gothic home windows… need to cut it out and after that use it as a template for the next 2 . The stain glass windows… there were so many different ways of making them yet because of my budget I proceeded to go with tissue paper, black bristol board and clear contact papers from the dollar store. After cutting out the bristol board in a gemstone pattern, I cut out diamond designs from the tissue paper and then rolled out the contact paper, set the bristol board on top after that put the tissue paper in place. Thought this would be a nightmare but it wound up being really easy and looks excellent. Once my son gets house from work I will try to article a picture.

So , now to finish my stain glass…


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