Whom do you invite to your party?

We have a party every year, usually along with dismal attendance. We’re military, there are no bases to be living on, usually, for us. This also means all of us transfer regularly, so we can’t build and refine our guest checklist as most do. Generally, once you find out who will attend, you’re moving, and having to figure out a whole new visitor list.

As with the majority of, our list consists of neighbors, close friends, and co-workers. We’re usually not close up enough to family to request them.

Since I are usually a little on the odd side, the friends(if I’ve had the opportunity to make them) attend. Neighbors are usually strike or miss. DH’s co-workers usually don’t attend. Neighbors and colleagues are usually the least likely to dress up.

Most years, we’re lucky to have a half dozen people display.

This year, I find myself in a locale that will be such as few others. DH is the one that will have the ties to the neighborhood, and he is in charge at work. So far as co-workers, I’m still unsure who will attend, since I know " protocol" can be funny sometimes. He’s extremely involved with members of the community already, and we’ve only been right here a few weeks. We’ve not met many of the neighbors yet, so I don’t know for sure how many would attend, but that is a very small neighborhood. It’s one street in or out, and we almost all live in a circle. Close knit, and possibly Stepford(how do I keep ending up in these neighborhoods?! ). Add in the truth that this is a community that is a much " higher class" than I am familiar with, and I have no idea of how to proceed.

My happy Halloween celebration might now be a political event.

As one who is accustomed to getting borderline outcast, this is terrifying to me. I feel like our invitations will end up less about who we genuinely wish to be there, as those whom we feel will best benefit our image in the community. I’ll confess, I’ve met a few that I think will be fantastic additions to our unusual little celebration, but I’m worried about the rest.

Where perform we draw the line? Do all of us commit to two parties? We have kids, and in the past I’ve implemented an earlier start time(mostly a fail), which I don’t see working for the people we all know here. Now I’m considering a child-friendly neighborhood party, and a separate adult party for everyone else.

Obviously, much of this depends on DH and what he thinks. I’m just curious as to what the rest of you think. Therefore…?

Originally posted 2014-07-14 21:29:10. Updated!