Strolling Dead themed haunt

Hey thanks everyone! I be thankful!

The audio I got within mixed places. Online searches. Youtube. Cds etc . Nox Arcana includes a great one for this theme called Zombie Influx. Yeah the the walking dead are all made by me. They are basically tomato cages, 1×2 legs attached with the bottom of the cages, costumes along with a mask. I just push the 1×2’s in the ground and they usually operate pretty well to weather. There are easier more steady ways to build the particular mannequins, but this way is pretty cheap. I have a large mask collection(200 or so), and costumes from several years and after halloween sales. Ebay is a big friend of mine, rofl. The tomato cages are a little a lot more than $2 and the 1×2’s as well.
Duct tape and squat ties are a big help. But no one knows but me… ha..

Ask me anything else, pleased to help

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