Venetian Carnival Signore Adult Costume – Medieval and Renaissance Costumes

Venetian Carnival Signore Adult Costume Medieval and Renaissance Costumes

Adult Costumes – Venetian Carnival Signore Costume for Men includes the deluxe long jacket in fancy grey and black fabric with black lapels, pocket flaps and cuffs, silver buttons and silver trim, attached shirt cuffs in white lace, a white lace jabot and the black satin knee britches. Gloves, stick, socks and white marquis wig available separately. Makes a perfect French King Louie XIV, Renaissance gentleman, Mardi Gras, or even a vampire costume. Dress your date up as a Contessa or Marie Antoinette for a truly regal couples look!
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TRICK OR TREAT HELP #2. Shoes — yours and your child’s should be comfortable. Girls — NO HIGH HEELS.



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Kids Costumes – This cute Polka Dot Monster Kids Costume includes the pink dress, mitts, boot covers, hood, and the matching capelet.


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