Themed Rooms for Halloween party!


I am getting ready for our 2nd annual Halloween party party!

Last year was a big success and everyone is excited to return.

We enjoy each room a different theme. I want to do everything different than last year and so i am looking for suggestions. I will post what ideas I have so far as well. Any suggestions would be appreciated!! Furthermore I really want to DIY as much as possible, so any cheap, easy solutions would be awesome too! Hopefully what we do last year will help someone else with tips also.

Last year, the particular themes we did:

1 . GARAGE: Glow in the dark – Glow sticks, glow necklaces and bracelets, black lights, glow in the dark beer pong, Cut glow stays and splattered the glow stuff, glow in the dark chalk drawing, shine painted objects, etc .

2 . LIVING/DINING: Haunted mansion – Scary portraits, room setting wallpapers stuff (store bought), flameless candle lights, platters, candlesticks, frames etc in the thrift store, Classic scary films on the TV constantly playing, dark roses

3. COOKING AREA: Crime Scene – body outline, blood splatters all over, caution video tape, blood footprints

4. FRONT YARD: Graveyard – fog device, stobe light, tombstones made from cardboard boxes and styrofoam, spooky music/ seems, arm coming out of ground

5. BACKYARD: Tiki/voodoo/witch doctor – Shrunken heads hanging, GIANT skull on a pedesatal, dug holes put pie tin with dry glaciers in them randomly around yard, lawn skirt on table, bones, tiki lights, more flameless candles

6. Bathroom had red light bulb and a zombie graphic over the toilet that looked like he had been flushed.

THIS year several of my ideas I’ve been throwing close to are:

1 . HELL – red rope lighting and lightbulbs changed out, blood, shouting sounds, gory torture props and so on

2, Insane Asylum and/or poltergeist (I have an older tube TV I want to use in addition my flat screen and have them both with just static and white noise on so something with that

3. CarnEVIL – Scary clowns/carnival/circus stuff

4. Jack the ripper, old london fog, graveyard kind of thing

5. Crazy Science/ scary experiments lab

6. Slaughterhouse/ Cannibalism

7. Shadow people/ forest shadows (? )

8. Malice in Wonderland or haunted fairy tales

I’m trying to narrow down and elaborate on these and also think of more. That it is already September 20th, I can’t believe it!

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