The Omenwood Hotel re-opens, 2014

Ok, I’m back.

After taking two years off after " life" got in the way, I’m " feeling it again" finding myself in MAR, thinking about and planning Halloween things. I have decided to bring the Omenwood Resort back after 5 years considering that we did that theme. This is actually the thread from the 2009 party:…al-parlor.html

Here is a YT video from the starting:

Although we have had 2 parties since, that was still the best celebration ever (the " Zombie Attack" in 2010 was a REAL close 2nd). I had carefully stored all of the resort stuff away knowing that I would most likely re-use it someday. I am going to do almost everything the same, with a few new tricks. I will likely even use the same opening soundtrack as I still get a huge grin when I watch it (skip to about 1: twenty five in the video) and I just think " Nailed that one".

I am have some ideas to boost the " ballroom" effect for our large room this year, but I will not really drive myself crazy with impractical ideas. I’m thinking more refined, dim lighting after the blackout, and lots more use of tattered gauze….

Proof that I am in it again? Last fall We buried maybe 12 yards of gauze in the woods to let it " rot a bit" and become all nasty in Oct. I might bury some more this spring if the damn ground ever thaws..

So this will be the 2014 party/theme thread, I’ll post pics and ideas along the way, and, as usual, hope to get some great ideas from you additional Halloween freaks…..

Hope everyone else’s plans are going properly……!!

Originally posted 2014-03-16 19:31:45. Updated!