The particular Fair~Lane Hotel (Scare~Lane Hotel) 2013 Halloween Party

Thanks Spookie,

The music group was amazing! They are actually the “Glasgow Tiki Shakers” (iTunes plus CD Baby) that graciously allowed me to change their name for your night to “The Dead Ringers”…as we were originally going to have one of our own daughters make some bell-hop costumes to them.

The pipe organ was made from cardboard tubes, harvested from the architectural firm We work at. We have an on-site print company and they gave me the tubes…add a little gold, bronze and dark paint, along with some hot glue and bingo…you have a pipe organ.

The lenticular indication was inspired by an “Antiques Roadshow” a few months ago wherein they had an indicator from the early 20th century on for appraisal. It was made of dark foam core board, black dull board, fluorescent paint, some 1×2’s and 2 black lights. I will work up a “how-to” in the not really too distant future.

If you noticed the lightning plus thunder during the video, it was from a FireFly FF-301 lighting effects controller that our co-host ordered for the party. We highly recommend this unit and the high-powered LED light, a ProLight LED flood we got with it.

All told, we had about 90+ guests at one time or another during the course of the evening.

Originally posted 2013-11-01 15:46:11. Updated!