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Dressing To Impress This Year With The Best Vampire Costumes

Want to see the darkest and sexiest vampire costumes ever put on this earth? Here you will find the web’s largest selection of vampire costumes for any of your vampire needs! We carry vampire costumes for men, vampire costumes for women, and vampire costumes for kids.

Into Twilight… We have you covered. We have the largest selection of Twilight vampire costumes, True Blood vampire costumes, and of course everyone’s favorite Dracula vampire costumes.

Get the exact vampire costume you need for any age and any theme. Find the right costume and add the prefect scary bloody accessory like vampire teeth. We have all the costumes and all the accessories you could imagine. If your vampire desires include the prefect outfit you’re in the right place.

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Most Popular Vampire Costume Ideas This Year Include:

Twilight Twinkle (Light Up) Adult Costume Twilight Twinkle (Light Up) Adult CostumeTwinkle Twinkle, this Sexy Vampire wants to do some harm or very nice things to you!The Twilight Twinkle Light Up Adult Costume includes a dress with a corset style top with a red lace up front and a layered mini skirt featuring red unique fiber optic lights and hidden pocket for on/off switch. A matching dark red cape with an oversized vampire collar and a notched hem, a black necklace with a metallic pendant, and removable shoulder straps complete this vampire look!

See The Twilight Twinkle Adult Costume Here


Transylvanian Vampire Child Costume Transylvanian Vampire Child CostumeHe’ll stalk the streets for a bloody Halloween treat.He’ll want to wear this cool costume which includes: A vest featuring red/black gothic detailing and attached shirt, pants, high collared cape with blood red lining and a medallion.

See The Vampire Child Costume Here


Victorian Vampire Adult Costume Victorian Vampire Adult CostumeThis dark vampire will want to escort you to the afterlife!Ah, to be a dandy on the streets of your town, under her majesty’s reign of power. Step out for a night on the town, the shine of a gas light behind you, enrobed in a silver/black vest – complete with attached sleeves, chain trim and a dickey with attached cravat. Finish the ensemble with the included period-inspired cape and shroud yourself in mystery. Dare to be debonair and alluring – this costume spells power, wealth, and best of all: style. Pair with the Victorian Vampire and take a bite out of this era of pristine perfection!

See The Victorian Vampire Adult Costume Here


Midnight Vampire Adult CostumeHe wants to suck your blood tonight.Embrace the night with power and might in this Midnight Vampire’s ensemble which includes: A button down vampire vest with black lace overlay and attached satiny sleeves; an onyx high-collared cape with gold chain closure, a collared dickie and blood red tie. An eternally classy look perfect for the child of the night this Halloween.

See The Midnight Vampire Adult Costume Here


Gothic Vampira Elite Collection Adult Costume Gothic Vampira Elite Collection Adult CostumeThis posh vampire is a ravishing beauty! Hopefully she’ll be gentle when she leans in for a nibble.This formal, fully finished garment includes: flowing full length lace trimmed Black crushed pane and deep Red shimmer satin gown trimmed with Black loop braid and antique Silver gothic buttons. Also includes jeweled velvet choker and tulle and lace full petticoat. Incredible piece.

See The Gothic Vampira Elite Costume Here


Princess Vampira Child Costume Princess Vampira Child CostumeVampire Girls Just Wants to Have Fun!An adorable vampire with a nasty bite but a loving heart, this Princess of all Vampires is ready for fun this Halloween! Costume includes a shimmery layered red and black gown with puff sleeves and lacy detailing. Also comes with a detachable oversized red vampire collar.

See The Princess Vampire Child Costume Here


Glitzy Vampira Teen Costume Glitzy Vampira Teen CostumeShe is a timeless beauty that will never age in this life time!It’s never too early to start down the path of evil by dressing in this  sure to please costume. The Glitz Vampira Teen Costume includes: A glitzy, metallic red and black dress with tulle overlay and a black stand up collar, making this one gorgeous ensemble. No need to sacrifice scary for divine with this costume. She’ll be the image of perfection this Halloween!

See The Glitzy Vampira Teen Costume Here