Tempt your fate Carnevil edition

I love this game and also have done it each year and just altered it for the theme I was doing. Last year we did a official vampire dinner, the year before we all did famous scary movies. This year I am doing Carnevil since everybody posts the coolest things about this. I can’t wait. For the game I am going to put the fates/scarifies in the little balloons and like at the carnival game tents. The guests can pop the balloon to see what they get.

Can anyone get my creative juices flowing and help me come up with the right themed fates and scarifies for your balloons? I am very OCD about the whole theme matching and most time I insist on the fates/sacrifices rhyming.

Also I want to say we bought this awesome shot holder at the Five Below store. It’s great for video games. There are 6 glass shot eyeglasses and when you push a bottom part it’s like Russian Roulette with LED lights which ever glass can be light at the end the person has to drink. We thought it would be fun for one of the fate or sacrifices, we will make different shots for each glass and put water in one or 2 so you have no idea what you will get. The particular shot glasses each say pick your poison., highly recommend if anyone is looking for a fun drinking game.

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