Beginning my Clown Massacre 2014 Bother

I have been operating away at my theme for 2014 and will build on it for 2015. A quick rundown of the scenario, however will explain with pics for each item below. I have a large front and side yard being on a corner lot. Driveway in the back with a large carport patio. Most of the haunt will be in the front at the rear of a fence that we will construct from pallets (free) or through wood fencing that I can beg off friends or find. The rear patio will be where the candy, balloons, and festivities will be. I will have someone out front directing individuals around and keeping them from the lawn.

I will have hanging clowns, roasting clown, decapitated clowns, body bag clowns, cannibal clowns, car wreck clowns, caged clowns, wheel of loss of life with knives, you get the image. I also have a 12′ inflatable circus wagon, and I will have a huge index on top of my house with a clown face and pink spider web (ala’ cotton candy).

Our curbside pickup service produces the capacity for lots of free ‘junk’ that I have found. You would not believe what people dispose of! I have found the top for my ticket booth, pvc pipe, wood, color, lanterns, cloth, Gemmy items, outfits, masks, mini car and motorbike, motors, mirrors, and other things We probably have forgotten.

Thanks for looking and any ideas or questions are always accepted!!

Originally posted 2014-02-27 23:08:18. Updated!