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Hmm… what about buying some white helium balloons after which drawing some spiderwebs on with a black sharpie, and having a handful of them clustered in the corners of your party area? You could add in several plain black balloons that you cover a little bit of white spider webbing on to as well. Just anchor them to the ground with a weight of some kind.

I don’t really know of any “spider” type games, yet thinking about some other easy party video games I have played, you could randomly connect a spider decoration to the underside of one chair and once everyone occurs & sits down, ask them to really feel under their chair and whomever is sitting in the spider seat could win a prize.

Buy some of those cheap spider rings from the Dollar Shop and cut off the ring part. Add a hot glued safety pin number and have everyone wear one whenever they arrive. Tell each guest the game is to get each other to say the word “spider” – if the person says it, they have to give up their particular spider pin to whoever offers caught them saying “spider”. Whomever is wearing the most spider pins at a certain point could win the prize. I’ve done this at a baby shower where everyone wore plastic-type baby necklaces. Ha ha!

Maybe you could call the particular bar in advance and find out if they have any drinks or shots that are black & white – call that will Spider Venom or something and have it be a featured drink specific.

Buy a big piece of white foamboard from the Money Store (posterboard size) and some black electrical tape there too. Make use of the electrical tape to create a spiderweb style, sort of like either of the 2 spiderwebs on this page:

Create a “nest” spot or other type of bullseye on the finished web – probably use a red marker just to format it or something. Then give each person a spider of some kind with their name on it and enjoy Pin the Spider on the Web. I don’t know what kind of party people you’ve got, but if you’re doing it at a pub, could be fun when people are a bit tipsy!

Hope a few of these suggestions help! Have fun!

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