Discuss details of your Halloween Party!

For those of you who sponsor a Halloween party, pls reveal details!

The number of people do you normally invite?

What % shows up?

Age group?

Just how long is the party normally?

Do you require guests to wear costumes?

Are they normally good sports activities about it?

Do you do a official invitation, email or just word of mouth?

When do you send out invites (if you do)?

Do you perform BYOB and potluck or would you take care of that?

Will be your food themed too?

Would you go more crazy for interior or even exterior decor?

How much ahead of time do you start decorating?

Are you experiencing entertainment?

Do you manage games?

Do you live in cozy climate and have activities outside or just indoors for those of us with chillier temps?

Is your party a thing and how many years has it already been going?

This year’s style?

What are you working on this season?

Do you make new stage sets each year and/or reuse old types?

Fave materials to do business with?

Where do you store your props/Halloween gear?

Past year(s) themes?

Fave theme so far?

Fave prop you’ve ever made?

Things you’d like to improve on this year?

Do people think you’re crazy?; )

Are most guests appreciative and therefore are most invited back?

Originally posted 2016-01-27 23:16:21. Updated!