Scarecrow’s Revenge/Vintage Halloween party

Last year we had our very first annual mid – summer halloween party party. It was a Hotel Manderley theme. This year we’re changing our venue to a friend’s barn. We all wanted our theme to supplement the barn so I think we’re going with a vintage black and orange colored theme, and incorporating the collect look with scarecrows. It’s a large red barn, two levels. It has a large rolling door that starts at one end. 2nd level has a square window that leads to top. At the other end is how food and seating would be. It is a functioning barn so other than having the stalls clean, probably wouldn’t use them. I’m considering showing a movie with a projected at the end as well. I do want to bring in a scary vibe, and i want to build in a story of some type that ties everything together. We now have a big pumpkin head scarecrow to make use of some where.

Aside from a few funkins and my paper mache ones, we’ll be inadequate on pumpkins and cornshocks. I would like to make sure it still has that will harvest fall look.

As far as parties go, I understand it usually goes eat, consume and hang out but have y’all had any success with other activities? I love the movie on a big sheet/screen idea.

With our last hotel party we played a couple of games that proceeded to go over well. One was we pulled out pieces of paper and they were different embarrassing dares we all did. The hosts of the party, four of us, all had characters we played and we acted out our roles pretty heavily the first hour of the party, and the guests still talk about those characters. We furthermore had a costume contest. The last couple hours we ended up around the fire bowl telling scary stories.

I’d love to have something revolve around the scarecrow. Something fun, something scary. There won’t be a way to develop a haunt but a lot of us love haunted trails/houses, so I have to have a spooky or scary aspect.

I want each party to unfold a little different so if you guys have any kind of ideas, I’d love to hear them.

I loved my invites last year and want to have something equal in design. I thought regarding incorporating pumpkin seeds somehow.

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