Royal Vampiress Adult Costume – Gothic Costumes

Royal Vampiress Adult Costume Gothic Costumes

This Royal Vampiress Costume includes the magnificent gown with a high neck, fitted red bodice in richly patterned red and black, accented with broad black cross-stitches, black puff shoulders with fitted sleeves, and deep black draped peplum and the red and black skirt. Make-up and wig available separately. Pair this up with any of our regal men’s Vampire costumes for a deadly couples look!
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TRICK OR TREAT HELP #2. Shoes — yours and your child’s should be comfortable. Girls — NO HIGH HEELS.



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Kids Costumes – This Baby Super Deluxe Precious Puppy Costume features the lined and zippered tan, white and black bodysuit with snap leg closures for easy diaper change, attached tail and bone collar, booties with skid resistant bottoms, and the hood with floppy puppy ears. Booties are for indoor use only.


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