Achievable new party idea! Feedback wished!

So question for everyone, I had the idea to start doing complete seance meetings wondering if there would be a market for that?

Thinking complete actors, tables moving, ghost effects, ect. Using both the old school techniques as well as some high tech stuff.

The trick would be that I would have to control the entire room, and also have the ability to load everything in and hide it as needed. And if we do this for the party market that means in peoples living rooms!

But would you pay to have a complete seance in your house (or other location) as an add on for a party, or as a stand alone event? I currently do themed events for people and corporations so I think it would match right in, think something along the lines of a dinner theater or mystery dinner. But I really want suggestions on weather something like this could function.

Originally posted 2013-11-21 03:46:27. Updated!