Preparing Halloween Party for next year… endeavoring to outdo wedding if possible.

Hi everybody!

I just got married last Halloween and threw a ridiculous halloween/horror themed celebration (was carried down the aisle in a coffin, had evil little individuals clown ushers, magic shows, everyone was zombies etc . ). I’m currently planning our party for 2014 and I need to try to either make it close or outdo what I have already done. Just looking for any idea, hook ups, vendors etc (we live in Connecticut). We’re having it at the same space as the wedding so we have plenty of space and the owner or cool along with anything we throw at your pet.

Any ideas are usually appreciated! The scarier/more messed up the greater!

p. s. if anyone wants to see several wedding highlights look up Necrosuit Dellamorte on youtube… it’s extremely entertaining, We promise.

Originally posted 2013-11-24 21:58:14. Updated!