Celebration on The Wong Day, would you?

I am in a bit in the event that dilemma. I have a small Halloween party for my close friends, and have for the last 4 years. I’m based in Denmark and Halloween isn’t really big right here. It’s picked up a lot over the last few years tho, and I’m really loving arranging it.

The last 2 party’s I’ve had the enjoyment of borrowing this great basement space, just across the road, where my pal lives. It’s perfect for many themes and years year no exeption.

Unfortunately we misunderstood each other and I thought she reserved the room, but I just found out the lady didn’t, and that someone else booked this in Halloween!!! Waaaaahhh!!!!!!! I’m so annoyed. First of the room is totally free, and renting a party room is actually pricey! and my apartment is actually to small for a party, of this kind. Also I always have the party on " the last Saturday associated with October" so that everyone knows and can create their schedules fit. I’ve been considering all day, if I should cancel the party, but then I just realised probably I can host it on Saturday the 24th, in the next-to-last weekend break. But.. Somehow it doesn’t feel right. Is it silly? Is a date only a date and it’s about the months associated with October? I mean it’s not like We have had it on the 31st another years anyway.

What could you do?

Originally posted 2015-09-12 20:08:46. Updated!