Off the guest list

We had a situation last year that has obtained someone stricken from future visitor lists. For some folks, it might not need been that big a deal, but our parties are small and his stunts almost ruined our mood.

  • RSVP’d yes, yet never actually opened or read the invitation .
  • Figured that considering that invited child couldn’t make it, can bring his current playmate. This may not be an issue for bigger celebrations, or people with different sensibilities (? ) but I’m really uncomfortable along with strangers in my home, and as stated above, the guest list will be small, more like a dinner party. We don’t send " +1" attracts.
  • " Asked" hub’s permission to bring guest just a couple of hours before the party (more such as, hey, I’m bringing so-and-so, okay? ). Put on the spot, he failed to disagree.
  • If the poor thing had actually come, she would have been so confused. As they didn’t READ THE INVITATION, he failed to know that it was a zombie-themed party (even though it said so in the save-the-date). She had a really cool costume planned, but it was as a character from a TV show. This isn’t on her behalf, it’s on him – disclosing his date to that awkward feeling – we wouldn’t have stated boo, but I’m sure she would possess noticed!
  • As they didn’t read the invitation, he failed to know what time it started. We aren’t sticklers for on-time, yet calling 2 hours after the party started to find out when it started? (He still hadn’t opened the invitation, which was, supposedly, on his fridge door. )
  • Kept PMing hub on Facebook to inquire if they should still come plus got upset b/c hub wasn’t sitting at his computer all night.
  • 7-8 hours after the party started, sent one more message asking if they should still come.
  • Finally admitted that he never intended to come.

I have a feeling this is tame by comparison to some other experiences. What’s obtained people cut from guest checklist?

Originally posted 2015-08-14 01:26:50. Updated!