Nightmare on Elm St . Theme Ideas

I am scheming much earlier for next Halloween compared to I usually do (April or so). My husband and I are moving in to our 1st home that we OWN! Woohoo! It really is on Elm Street! How cool is the fact that! I need help choosing a theme that will fit well but I’m not a big fan of the idea of preparing an entire party around the “Nightmare on Elm St . ” franchise yet I love incorporating the title. The only real theme idea I have is:

Everyone dress as your favorite villain, but I’m not sure how to include that into decorations etc .


Something to do with nightmares, or phobias, but again not sure how to incorporate that.

I have never already been a big fan of guts and gore for my decorations and tend to lean in the Victorian, or even Gothic with ghost props, eerie lighting, and a life-size cemetery out there front and have always found a way to work most of that into the themes so I still need help due to the fact I don’t want to purchase Brand new decor. This coming year will be year 7 of hosting.

Originally posted 2013-11-30 02:44:35. Updated!