Nightmare Before Christmas Carnival

Hi everyone! My girl loves Nightmare Before Christmas and I’ve been wanting to do a carnival celebration. So we decided on a NBC carnival. We’ve been brain-storming for a while. The plan would be to have several game booths – skee ball, ring toss, dart game. I’d also like to do a photograph booth. We’re going to " nightmare" almost everything. The color scheme is black and white with purple and orange accents. We’ll use a mixture of NBC, Halloween, and Christmas items to decorate. I’ve become a lot of inspiration from Kristie with DIY NMBS PROPS and Saki. Girl. Thank you both.

I’ve been collecting stuff and am now ready to start assembling. I think the particular ring toss will be first. Barbie and Ken dolls turned into Sally and Jack. I can’t wait to start!

My daughter wants the ticket booth in the shape of the coffin. With a skeleton ticket-taker.

I have so many ideas brewing. I’m glad I several months before the party.

Originally posted 2014-06-20 19:12:29. Updated!