Our last Halloween party in 2013 was clumsy but this year I’m gonna rock it: D

Hi everybody! Finally I can sit and show you what I managed to do last Halloween.

It was very casual, I was extra busy with " real" life (LOL) and I didn’t manage to do things properly as I wished too.

Anyway sometimes it’s better to do it and try it and whatever mistakes there will be there will be a lesson to understand.


I believed: " I make pizza often , I know it tasted good, let’s do it! " I had black edible liquid color so I mixed this with my tomato sauce, from red to black. I felt it. No changes in the flavor. Awesome! Then the WRONG idea… I reduce the mozzarella with bat cookie cutter! Here:

Of course it wasn’t a good idea. Precisely why? because mozzarella MELTS in the oven, of course! I was to busy patient about the decoration than… thinking.

This is what came out for my great disappointment:

Then it became The Witches’ Pizza, because it looked ugly however it tasted good: )

I also made some Mummy-Something… I don’t recall how they are called: )

I’m pretty sure you all have seen them online… they’re one of the first thing that pops out whenever you look for Halloween recipes! Of course they looked awful… (don’t mind the table-cloth, I made them a few dinner before to try them then re-made them) because the dough (right word? ) kept melting on my hands. Need to find a better way to do this recipe, it’s SO SIMPLE! And tasty. Tasty with zero effort: )

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