Searching for Help with wording on invite

Our theme this season is Famous Dead people. Have not even settled on the title yet UGH! Have kicked around ‘Return of the famous Dead’ ‘Still Lifeless Still Famous’ ‘Fame from the Grave’ etc .

Thinking of getting started with something like ‘Gone but not overlooked, a Night for remembrance of the Famous & Infamous’

Usually have 2 or 3 paragraphs with 4 lines of rhyming, description of the theme, what we are looking for in costumes and activities.

This year I would like in the invite that individuals will have a ‘Talent Show’ in case people what to show off a skill of there famous dead person.

Usually at the end There are the date & time, rsvp number, and asking people to provide a flashlight (for the trail) and a food item to share, unless that is worked into the invite wording.

So late to be working on the invite, that darn existence has been getting in my way.

I have had Huge help from this site in past years, hoping you guys can come via again!!!

Originally posted 2015-08-24 23:48:03. Updated!