Kids Black Top Hat – Costume Hats

Kids Black Top Hat Costume Hats

Kids Black Top Hat – great with a Magician costume or Vampire costume!
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Trick-or-treating?going from house to house in search of candy and other goodies?has been a popular Halloween tradition in the United States and other countries for an estimated 100 years. But the origins of this community-based ritual, which costumed children typically savor while their cavity-conscious parents grudgingly tag along, remain hazy. Possible forerunners to modern-day trick-or-treating have been identified in ancient Celtic festivals, early Roman Catholic holidays, medieval practices and even British politics.

TRICK OR TREAT HELP #6. Avoid costumes that have weapons as accessories if possible. If the costume won?t be complete without a weapon, verify that it is rubber or plastic. Avoid injuries on Halloween!



temptation this Halloween season.

Brand new for 2013, Fright Lane with Skeleton Key offers guests unlimited priority access to eleven mazes all night long. The Skeleton Key, which is included with all Fright Lane passes, will ?unlock? a secret extra room that dares guests to delve deeper into the mysterious backstories of five mazes. Guests will learn more terrifying details about the creatures and monsters that inhabit each maze

Zombie Prom, premiering Sunday, Oct. 6 In the first of four battles, five teams made up of an expert pumpkin carver, cake decorator and sugar artist compete to create displays that depict a scene from a “Zombie Prom.” At the end of the battle, one team will be eliminated. Special guest judge: Danielle Harris. “Twisted Nursery Rhymes,” premiering Sunday, Oct. 13

Kids Costumes – This adorable baby Thor Costume includes the superhero costume jumpsuit with detachable cape and the cap. What a fun baby superhero costume!