kiddie birthday/halloween party

you guys are great with ideas so I’m hoping you can help….

my granddaughter’s birthday is in October and she will be 6 year this…..she decided her theme will be Halloween….I asked her if she wanted cutesy Halloween or scary Halloween and she said she wanted scary….this child does not scare as easily a normal child so I’m having a hard time trying to find a balance between scary but not give a kid nightmares for the rest of their life scary…..she will be starting a new school in September and most likely this will be the first birthday party of the school year and I don’t want to piss off a lot of parents by scaring the crap out of their kids….the party will be held at a clubhouse on a Friday night and I was thinking of doing a haunted pumpkin patch theme….although the party will be indoors I figured I’d get a few bales of hale and various types of pumpkins for the outside…..not quite sure what to do with the inside though except that I think I will have LOTS of glow sticks for the kids….any suggestions on how to make it scary but not traumatizing for a bunch of 5 year olds?

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