Ideas for a Video Invite/Video Save the particular Date

Howdy Everyone!

This year we are doing a video " Save the particular Date" for our party, to be sent out next week. We will be sending out a Facebook invite around the 1st of Oct.

Has anybody done a video save the date/invite that they would like to share??

Also, to save time, i was thinking of starting the video with a pursue scene from a horror movie and cutting to our own homemade video that would include the front of our house (at night) with a creepy sign in front with the date/details. Since we are not using the video for industrial purposes, I don’t think there are any kind of copyright issues with that, are there?: eek: I’m trying to think of good pursue footage to use if we do turn out doing it. The only one I can think of is usually from Scary Movie, it’s the scene with Carmen Electra running, but it’s kind of risque haha.

Originally posted 2014-08-29 18:32:21. Updated!