So me personally and the family are trying to work on a fund raising idea for one of the rescues we volunteer for. We are snow balling ideas for a kid AND pet friendly Halloween party/day carnival. Would LOVE to here some ideas!

So far we are thinking about a ‘bobbing for apples’ intended for dogs with puppy safe tennis balls in a kiddie pool. We buy up all pet costumes November first to use at adoption events, so we are thinking about doing a dress up photo booth with your pet. Of course we will have a costume contest.

We still need to pin down the venue (Me and Hubby are the Monkeys, and that’s the job for your Grinders) but once we have that will, we will know what size we are dealing with and just how much we can fill it with.

October is a warm month here and we are thinking of doing it in the MIDDLE of the 30 days since Halloween is on a weekend break this year. That should be a great time frame to get a kid and pet friendly event, with a good turn out.


Originally posted 2014-08-06 02:05:51. Updated!