Horror Movie Trivia Scavenger Hunt

Need help! Im replicating someone who posted the horror movie trivia scavenger hunt for my halloween party. I need ideas. I have the next props: pencil in ankle to get Evil Dead; bucket of bloodstream for Carrie; REDRUM written upon door for The Shining; a picture associated with two lambs with mouths covered for Silence of the Lambs; gingerbread cookie with knives stuck within it for Krampus; a wooden mix with Gage on it for Family pet Cemetary. I was going to make a trick and hang from a tree having a burlap sack over the head for that Conjuring and another dummy sitting down in a chair with a sheet over it and tied to a chair intended for Sinister but I have so much to perform I dont really have enough time. Really does anyone have ideas that I can do related to horror movies that would be quick and easy to do? Thanks.

Originally posted 2016-10-06 16:46:19. Updated!