Assist with game for Asylum party

I need help with a game title I am thinking about playing during my Asylum party and need ideas, suggestions, opinions etc ….

I want to conceal pill bottles throughout the house, put an email in them and have the guest take it to me to open and tell them what they have won?

The particular notes will say things like this particular:

This shot wont harm a bit. I will have several photos to choose from

Chocolate cures every. They will get a big chocolate club

No wine’ing. Small wine bottle

Money cures everything. Lottery ticket

You get the idea. Would you include some gag gifts also? like, Relaxing music to soothe your soul. And have a well used album of Lawrence Welk or something?

This is exactly what I wrote to include on the ask

If you seek

You will find

The medication

To ease your mind.

Search high and low

Listen to the particular voices

Only yourself to blame

For your choices.

When you find it

It should stay sealed

Find a qualified nurse

And you shall be healed.

Is this too lame to play?? Our crowd is mainly 40 and up and about half may play anything the other half just wants to drink and talk.

ANY suggestions, ideas for the prizes and would you include the gag prizes?.

Thanks everyone!!!

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