Haunting an actual castle

Dear readers,

I am working with some people to plan a large Halloween night bash in an actual castle. This is the fifth year we are organising this. Last year we had over seven hundred visitors, and their number look like growing every year.

Every year we try to improve ourselves therefore far, each year we succeed. Now I wanted to ask you guys should you have any original Halloween Tricks & scare to pull off upon this kind of large crowd of visitors. I am going to describe what we did before and what rooms we have available, and I want to hear any cool ideas you have. We have a story for the kids to follow along with but I won’t disclose that at this time, I will just say that it is about a curse that hit the fortress on Halloween night, long ago.

Budget is failry tight but we have had some nice scares so far, to list a few:

-A fire breathing dragon in the courtyard. (The year before it had been on the castle gate. Kids were afraid to LEAVE the fortress when they saw the giant issue that was guarding it. )

-A flying ghost across the courtyard, which continously traveled along a zip line.

-an operating room with a midieval plague physician performing a surgery

-a dark dungeon filled with hidden haunters

-A skeletal horse (actually, a horse with a skeleton printed cloak and mask. )

These are the spaces we now have available:

-The castle door (with 2 small rooms over it, not easily accessible to huge crowds)

-The courtyard (Large open space)

-A chapel

-Castle hall

-Small tower: One room with a dungeon in the floor beneath it (you actually can see into it through bars on one side of the room)

-1 small basement

-1 huge basement

-Winding stairs (We always hope nobody falls in the dark! )

There’s a moat surrounding the castle, site visitors cross 2 bridges to get to the main keep. There’s also an oak tree just near the castle parking reasons. This tree is twisted and blackened due to an WW II bomb that was dropped near it, the tree survived but appears totally creepy at night!

So , any thoughts?

Originally posted 2014-07-18 10:40:51. Updated!