Haunted old theatre theme, need ideas!

Hello everybody! My theme for this year’s Halloween night bash is a haunted old theatre. I do have some idea’s, for example I am setting up the theatre using a digital projected, old horror films and lots of red and black curtains. The particular screen will be a white sheet which I will hang in front of the big screen at the front of the house so the movies can also be viewed outside as you approach the house. I will include a creepy concession (where all the food is) and have a popcorn maker on site, the popcorn will also have some rats (rubber) poking out from the freshly made popcorn. I might have a photo op set up too but I am still looking for ideas on that one. If anyone has been doing something like this before I would like to hear from you! I am in need of more ideas!: D Thanks from Afraid Skinny

Originally posted 2014-09-17 16:36:52. Updated!