Haunted B&B (2015)

Our house just can’t give the " hotel" vibe, so we’re going with a haunted B& B theme. This came into being largely because I’ve been dying to incorporate skeleton keys and some other factors* into a party for years and Now i am finally going for it.

Long ways to go! All of the I know for sure is that the save the particular date, which I want to send by the end of the month, will include one of the take note card sets (featuring a key motif) I’ve hoarded & an oversize metal key (from Michaels). Now i am using the small white boxes from last year** and just need to decide on wording & get some fun packaging material. Also, if I need to provide any kind of back story or put a little package together for the invite (also like last year).

We’ll ask guests ahead as guests (current or long-term) or staff. The current guest choice gives an out to those who refuse to wear costumes. Long-term would be any kind of period ghostly guest. Last year was your first time we asked people to put on costumes. Most people participated, but you will encounteer one or two who won’t (small guest list).

I know that I’m not great at executing all of the ideas I get, so I’m going to keep the decor simple: white sheets on all the furniture, " cobwebs, " etc . But I do want to create a check-in desk having a message area, board of keys, etc . I think I can swing a good elevator effect over a doorway I’d like to block off. I picked up a fantastic old suitcase (such an interesting shape) that I’m going to chain up – IF I can find one of those baby toys that bounce around.

I look forward to seeing what everyone else is up to.

* House of the Long Shadows (movie) and Seven Keys to Baldpate (book movie was loooooosely based on). In both stories, a man thinks he’s the sole inhabitant of a property (manor or inn), with the only key, but people keep showing up – all with keys. I also just like skeleton keys.

**Trying to use what I can from last year, as long as it makes sense (not going to force it)

Originally posted 2015-08-13 01:10:38. Updated!