Half-oween Party

Anybody else currently planning a Half-oween party? I simply made my event on Fb to invite all my friends, i really need to pull my menu together. I’m planning on making food that we normally don’t do on Halloween due to time constraints (we perform a haunted walking trail at my home).

So far, I am planning on making Shoo Vampire Soups (aka garlic soup), Goblin Dip, deviled eggs, caramel apple drop, stuffed potato ghosts, mulled plus cold cider, and possibly a caramel apple bar (cored and reduce apples, guests can add caramel, awesome fudge, nuts and candies).

There will of course also be candy. And I’m planning on watching horror movies. This is my first Half-oween party.

Any advice?

Originally posted 2014-04-08 22:23:29. Updated!