Half-baked idea: Bat Machine (guess exactly how many)

For those looking for unusual games: Have you seen the Cash Cubes at trade shows, to have to guess how much money is floating around in a plexiglass cage? What if a person used paper bats instead of buck bills?

I think it could be made cheaply (it’s $2500 or so to purchase, $300 to rent).

I used to be daydreaming about a life-sized Halloween carnival midway, and what games there would be. They will have to really be doable. Games such as Bag the Rat (you obtain a cloth bag and have to catch the most greasy, live rats), The number of Bats in the Cave (hence the above idea), Toss the Eyeball to the Skull (maybe toss a dart into the eye socket), How Scary Are You (I saw this a year ago somewhere. It’s the Hi Striker, with degrees of scary on the placard), plus Dr . Patella’s Skeleton Review (not a game). It was just some thing to think about while I was supposed to be cleansing, but I thought the bat machine might actually be something people could have from parties.

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