Video games for large crouds (50+ guests)

I am expecting 60-75 people at our party on Saturday. We are doing a fairytale, fable and folklore theme. I came up with this idea that I hope will work that should help manage this large audience. They love playing the online games but I have never hosted over 50 ppl before so I was a little worried about getting them all invloved in something together. Here is what i am doing:

I developed 4 varieties of picture cards on regular paper (werewolf, ogre, witch, evil queen), 20 each.

When people come in plus pay the $5 cover charge they will recieve a card.

I sprinted one special card for Little Red Ridinghood, there are only one of these.

Throughout the night I will call upon each group to do something enjoyable. For instance, the werewolves will be known as to dance to Thriller whilst everyone else watches and takes photos. Then the ogres will play a game We made up called “bone your friends”. I paper mache’ 2 huge femur bones that they will get into 2 groups of 10 and pass the particular bones between their legs. The first team that wins will all of the get. 99 acholic shooters. The particular witches will have to go into the crowd and set a spell on someone to arrive dance with them to the Flogging Molly song Devils Dance Floor. The particular evil queens will be called as much as do a “drag queen” fashion show of their costumes to the song “Im too sexy”. The last card known as will be Little Red Ridinghood, plus there will be only one of them. They will believe they have to do something embarrassing but in fact they will win a quart container of homemade liquor.

Let me know what you all believe. Feel free to steal it, change it System.Drawing.Bitmap it better!

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