dealing with a pet during the party

my wife and i just moved into a new house, and we inherited tucker, the ~1 year old boxer/husky mix. (he’s an outside dog and the previous proprietors were moving to a place that will couldn’t have outside dogs due to HOA restrictions. )

tucker is very friendly, as well as other than cats, he doesn’t really bark at much, but we all also haven’t exposed him to a crowd yet. i’m hoping to possess a cookout before the summer is over that might be more people than he’s used to but not as many as the halloween party will be, but not sure yet regardless of whether that’ll happen as planned.

does anyone have any kind of ideas for how to keep him calm during the party when the time comes? my thinking is to leave him to his normal program and crate him if he’s problems with the crowd, but i had created really prefer not to have to do that if there are good ways to put him relaxed.

Originally posted 2016-09-02 16:05:48. Updated!