Forgive me personally if there is already a post like this. One dilemma for me is that I need impact during the day as party begins during the daylight hours. Can you offer a great deal of ideas of scary daylight decor?

Does anyone have a pdf of that (I think it was) Halloween Haven a few years back where the decorations were chance in the daylight. It turned out pretty great and was very surprising. I used to be hoping to pick some ideas from that. I lost my copy. I discovered a lot of Pumpkinrot’s scarecrows seem to be chance in daylight. I can never be that talented so please offer " easy" suggestions. Party begins at 5: 00 (really five: 30 but people are always aggravatingly early) and daylight until six: 45ish.

When there is a thread like this somewhere else, can you point me to it?

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