Carnival/Freak Show for 2014

No, I only did the carnival theme for 2013, plus got many great ideas from that 2012 thread that I followed closely all that year. They seemed like they were having so much fun, I just needed to get in on it the next year! A few members’ albums you can check for carnival themes are offmymeds, pumpkinpie, wolfbeard, greaseballs, and there are others I will try to remember.

As for suggestions, I strung up colorful round light strands, carnival flags, plus used one of those round party golf balls that rotate around throwing away different colored lights, as well as spotlights, all of which really added to the effect. Also i used my SR gifts associated with dark carnival music, which was awesome.

Here’s the party ball I was talking about, which I think you can buy at Big Lots or party stores:

Most of my props were made with masks plus costumes on skeletons and a mannequin. The clown car on the roof was obviously a huge hit, as was the circus monkey.
I followed offmymeds ideas in painting moderate red stripes on white sheets for backdrops, and painting my very own sideshow banner. Her other great idea I used was the clown dressing up room (guest bathroom).

My Secret Reapers gave me a lot of cool things to use this year as well. Kelloween made me some amazing props: Clarence the Clown jack-in-the-box, a costumes rack and entrance sign that she made plus painted herself. Tannasgach contributed towards the clown dressing room with classic clown figurines, and other crazy clown stuff, and to the fortune teller area with a sign, lighted palm reading hand, foturne teller sign and cards, and carnival music. Then, ccj sent me rotten candy treats, and another awesome vintage clown figurine, and music. They all helped me complete what I had been trying to do in the various scenes.

I will be following this thread this year and will add anything I could think of as you go along.

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