Company Halloween Luncheon Ideas?

Every year, I work at a business accomplishment recognition event held near Halloween at a downtown hotel. The attendees are encouraged to wear costumes. One year, an entire office team dressed as the walking dead and shambled to the event through the front lobby!

Every year, the event organizer must come up with fun- yet business appropriate decorations for your tables (roughly 25-30 rounds associated with ten) and some ideas for the stage where awards are presented. Past tables have featured Jack-be-littles plus fall leave garlands. Other many years have included orange and dark confetti, fall-themed flowers and snack-sized candy.

Business appropriate means no coffins, skulls, witches, scary ghosts etc . (I know! )But jack-o-lanterns, candles, and Halloween themed noise-makers are fine. Budget is important.

Some ideas:

Using cheap metallic eye masks because table number placards.

The trick is going to be keeping it fun- but business grown-up and away from looking like a kids’ craft project. I’m not sure how orange/yellow flowers with bats springing from your top would go over.

I’d be willing to lend our lighted foam jack-o-lanterns to the stage- but not sure if that would be too cheesy.

And recommendations for fun-but-classy Halloween themed decorating to get a business event?

Originally posted 2017-03-10 00:11:53. Updated!