Blood Everywhere adult party theme – GO!

Hello everyone!
I am so excited that I can barely stand this, because we are moving this week, and this will be my first party in two years, and my house is now properly designed for large parties. I am relocating to a new community (have been commuting to get to work, but now will be living much closer. )
This will be a housewarming/Halloween party, and the ones that I have ‘ in the past have been large and legendary for my creative themes and decorations/food. My policy is that I provide all of the food, to help keep within the theme, but I encourage guests to bring a bottle/six pack to share, as admittance. Non-drinkers are encouraged to bring a nonalcoholic beverage.
I am seeking to make a big impression on a low quality (moving is EXPENSIVE), so I are determined to do blood everywhere, as it can be bought cheaply or produced in mass amounts for little $$$. The guest list will be mainly friends that I have met through work plus their spouses and friends(mid-20’s to 40’s age group). I choose a classic horror/gothic look and feel, I tend to stay away from cutesy or googly eyes. Within those parameters, can I choose your collective brain for tips about props and food? I have a pastry chef who makes all of my occasion cakes, and I am going to make it a grey or white wedding cake with broken spun sugar cup and bleeding claws marks, but that is all I have for meals, so far.
The house has a large front and back yard, front side is fenced with country design wooden fencing, no fence in back. It’s a wooden cabin along with metal roofing, and a small protected porch. Lots of windows.
Thanks in advance!

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