Are paper invitations too old fashioned?

Hello fellow haunters!

I really like the idea of making or printing papers invitation to give to people for the Halloween party. I have done this particular in the past, but a lot of people will simply say " this is a waste associated with paper, why don’t you just make a FB event? ". Of course , I always perform an FB event as well yet I like how personal it is to provide someone an invite as well. I think it’s more likely will come when you have taken the effort to hand deliver or mail them an invite. Furthermore, they are so cute! So I wondering who still does paper invites either as the only invite or in concert with an electronic event invite? Should you, do you make your own or purchase them online? Where is a good reliable but less expensive place to order all of them?

Originally posted 2015-07-27 13:58:55. Updated!