Adult Linen Renaissance or Pirate Shirt – Pirate or Renaissance Costumes

Adult Linen Renaissance or Pirate Shirt Pirate or Renaissance Costumes

This Pirate or Renaissance Shirt in white natural linen with lace up neckline, ruffled collar and cuffs is the perfect additions to your theater, pirate, vampire, historical area outfit.
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THE PIRATES: In American and British popular culture, the modern pirate stereotype owes its tradition mostly to depictions of Captain Hook and his crew in theatrical and film versions of Peter Pan, Robert Newton’s portrayal of Long John Silver in the film Treasure Island, and various adaptations of Sinbad the Sailor. In these and many other books, movies, and legends, pirates are portrayed as “swashbucklers” and “plunderers.” They are shown on ships, often wearing eyepatches or peg legs, and saying phrases like “Arr, matey” and “Avast, me hearty.” Pirates have retained their image through pirate-themed tourist attractions, traditional film and toy portrayals of pirates, and the continued performance and reading of books and plays featuring pirates.

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Kids Costumes – Child Jr. Doctor Lab Coat is 3/4 length and is detailed with all pockets and embroidered with medical seal. Lab Coat is available in child sizes Toddler, (2-3), Small (4-6), Medium (7-10), and Large (12-14). Blue or Green Scrubs sold separately. See AERO20 & AERO22.


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