Addams Family Reunion parrty 2014 : ideas and help thread

We started throwing a party five years ago, and it has grown from 8 guests the first season to about 50 last year. This year we’re scaling back a little bit, and only inviting our social-circles friends, NOT REALLY inviting our professional-circles friends (there were some personality clashes last year). I’m expecting maybe 30 adult guests. Party starts with 6, kids are welcome till 9 – after that I can’t take responsibility for what your child sees and hears; )

We haven’t done a theme in past times, but this year we’ve decided on a good Addams Family Reunion. The serves, my wife and I, will be Gomez and Morticia (we’re swapping genders for our costumes, which will be a surprise for most of the visitors – but that’s another thread). Dress code will be Halloween-Elegant costumes, with guests encouraged to come being a long-lost family member that nobody appears to remember. Most of our social-circle buddies have at least a little bit of theater or even costuming/cosplay background, so I don’t anticipate anyone will have trouble coming up with some thing.

We’re taking a great deal of decorating and styling cues in the Haunted Hotel thread (THANKS dawnski), since most of those decor ideas will play nicely with the gothic-mansion design. In the past we haven’t taken down our personal knick-knacks in favor of decor; they have already all just gone up together, but this year I think we’ll be briefly removing the usual stuff in favor of decorations. Lots of work, but fun. We are going to brainstorming on wall coverings as well.

Party game ideas:

I’m coming up a little brief here.

- For the past 3 years we’ve done the Money Game, which has been a big hit, but it’s period for that to take a break in favor of something new – or heavily modify it to fit the theme. We prefer to give away prizes and trinkets, individuals usually go over well, so online games where people can win some thing will be good.

- We did a movie-quote game in past times, but we have ONE GUY who may be a (dead) ringer, he basically remembers entire movie and TV scripts. I might make him web host that game this time; that’ll train him: )

- Let me have some sort of game that uses the Addams-Family-esque personae or character types that people create for themselves; ideally it will be easier to win for the people that did some pre-planning to develop their own character. If I can start getting a sport fleshed out, I’ll start NOW in order to encourage guests to come up with their log-lost-cousin character. At a minimum, I’ll prepare " Hello, my name is" stickers for guests to wear upon entrance.

I’ll keep this updated with our progress; any ideas will be welcomed, especially game ideas.

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