2015 Party Theme – Nursery Offences < Mother Goose style

Finally picked my theme this year, I was really struggling with it. I was almost devoted to Scary Tales but I wasn’t excited about it, I’ve been searching the particular boards & pinterest for months and am came across a post from one of our own Mods, Dead-Ted and it was about his invites and he mentioned he had the feather with blood on it from Mother Goose and that’s what made it happen for me… so as of about 3: 45 this morning, my mind has been race….. this is what I have come up with.

Nursery Rhymes gone incorrect – Like " All hell’s broken loose for poor Mother Goose"

Philip Peter, – big pumpkin within the front of house with legs and arms hanging out of it’s mouth with smaller evil pumpkins around it plus I will have a cemetery with the characters on them

Jack port be nimble – getting scorched by the candlestick

little miss muffet – of course getting consumed by the spider

Mary slaughtering her little lambs

3 blind mice with their tails sticking out of the Farmers wifes mouth

Evil Humpty Dumpty

Wolf with the 3 pigs on a pitchfork

3 males in a tub – rolling pin number in the mouth, knives sticking out of the butcher and candles melted throughout the candle makers face

Thumblina in a cage

Jack horner with a nasty pie

Ok, you get the idea, rofl. I know these are not so original however it sounds like fun and it should give our guest some costume options.

I’m planning on actively playing tempt your fate and make use of " golden eggs" for the containers

There are just a lot of to choose from and I want to do them all……..

Any suggestions, ideas, pics, please share: )

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