2015 “Ah Ha” moments and ideas… share them here!

Since for most of us are festivities are behind us, I thought it will be a good idea to start a thread with " ah ha" moments… or ideas that you had this year that either saved you time, money, stress… no matter what…. if it’s worth talking about… share it1

My " ah Ha’ moment and idea had been purchasing a roll of 3’x100′ landscaper fabric ( less then $13) – fabric… not the plastic type to use to blacken out walls, ceilings, floors… whatever you need! Will not shine, it does not have static cling… works wonderful and is re-usuable! It is now all precut to the height of my ceiling, and bagged away for next years use!

Anyone have anything to discuss?

Originally posted 2015-11-02 21:18:37. Updated!