2014 theme party ideas for a informal host

my girlfriend and i do a halloween celebration as our one " large deal" hosting event of the season, and this will be our fourth season doing it.

first season was kinda a dud since we didn’t plan far sufficient in advance, but the last couple of years happen to be pretty solid–somewhere around 20-30 individuals, which is about all we can actually accommodate in her house. everyone who comes seems to really enjoy it and we get comments on it just for awhile after.

we all invest a lot of time in planning, yet compared to a lot of people here, i’d say we’re casual hosts. as i said, we all top out around 25 visitors, our decorations are well done yet i suppose somewhat minimal, and we avoid spend a ton on the party–probably spend more on food than any other aspect.

with that said…

i’m interested in doing some kind of theme this year if anyone has any good suggestions for a " soft" theme–that is, we can focus our decorations and food in a certain path, but we won’t require much (if anything) of our guests other than showing up and hopefully dressing up, such as always.

anybody got any good ideas?

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