2013 Walking Dead Halloween Party

My 2013 Walking Dead Themed Halloween Party

Boarded up windows made from 4′ styrofoam boards
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Carved grooves with knife, base coat black, then brown overtop
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Bait to distract the walkers
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Morgan’s bamboo spike traps
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Net with trip wire
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Morgan’s tripwire fire axe trap, carved and painted styrofoam piece for head
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Morgan’s crazy writing on the wall, gray paper from teacher’s supply store, chalk and spray paint
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Map of Rick’s town, Molotov cocktails, plastic guns, ammo boxes
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More writing, covered whole room
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Morgan’s Arsenal, plastic guns, sea bag stuffed with newspaper to seem more filled
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Map of Atlanta, marked with food/weapon caches, herds, places of interest, No place is safe
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Canned food, camping gear, foraged food
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Food in jars made of baked/painted clay, then clear wax for making candles dumped in
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Saved up cans for a few months, opened them from bottom, then hot glued them around the edges of stacked up cardboard boxes to make it seems like there were more cans than there really are, dusted with spray paint to make them seem weathered. Made the middle layer detachable so it can be split in half for easier storage later.
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Hanging furs, made from stuffed animals
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Water jugs, hanging meat from clothes hanger, made from painted Great Stuff foam
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MRE box, contained utensils and styrofoam divided trays instead of regular plates for looted military look
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